Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What I'd like to do someday.....

Sometimes I think of all the things I'd like to do "someday" My someday list is probably not like yours, and it shouldn't be. We should all have our own unique list. Things on my someday list sometimes move around in importance, and some have come and gone. I think about the list when I'm in my car driving (AGAIN!!!) to work. The first thing on the list is actually something I DON'T want to do... No. 1 - Someday I won't drive an hour to a job every day! (Not that I don't like my job, I do! I just would like the option someday of not having to work for someone else....) The rest of the things on the list are really in no particular order, and may change depending on my mood or degree of tiredness....

1. Go parachuting
1. Clean out my closets, drawers and garage and get rid of all my JUNK
1. Live in Mozambique and care for orphans
1. Vacation in the mountains every summer with someone special
1. Learn to play the bassoon
1. Sing in a community production of a Broadway show
1. Get a Master's Degree in something useful (as opposed to my now-useless Bachelor's Degree...)
1. Finish the hand-smocked dress I started for my daughter now that she has a daughter I can give it to...
1. Fall in love with the same man over and over every day for the rest of my life

OK, that's only a few of the things I think of putting on the list. No, it's not like the bucket list, I'm not sick or dying, just thinking and wishing. (And yes, they are all numbered 1, because that's where they may end up on the list....) someday!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Now What????

OK, I've started this thingie, so I suppose I should carry on.... So, last night I'm talking to my Son on the telephone, and he says something so off the wall I think, "Where does he get that?" (and then he fusses at me for not agreeing with him....) I told Daughter Number One his comment, and her reaction was, "What's wrong with him? How did he get like that?" So we began to wonder how three children can grow up in the same house, with the same parents, eat the same food, drink the same water, go to the same church, school, soccer games, baseball games, etc., and still turn out to have such differing opinions on basic beliefs. Hmmmm..... It may always be a mystery..... So, he'll vote for one candidate, and I'll vote for another one - that's the democratic process! Now, don't get the wrong idea... I have three wonderful grown-up children that I love bunches and bunches, and they are all my favorite child in some way. I just don't happen to agree with everything they believe, and I never will. I'm old enough for people to just stop trying to convince me to change my mind, and I've seen, done and learned way more than my children have, so maybe I'm a little smarter than they think I am..... They'll figure that out someday... I'm really glad they are individual thinkers, though, even if they don't think the same things I do.

ANYWAY, I also have the bestest grandchildren in the world! Grandson Number One was hilarious during the Easter Egg roundup we had at Grandma's house (now, just for clarification, Grandma is NOT me, she is my Mom, so technically she is GreatGrandma to him, but that's just too hard for a barely two-year young lad to try to say...) Last year's Easter Egg roundup was really his first one, but he wasn't quite walking, so didn't really get the idea. THIS year, however, as a fully two-year old kid, he totally 'got' the "Easter Eggs are full of CANDY" idea! He was so serious and intent on opening each and every egg to investigate the prize within that he really didn't roundup a huge amount of eggs. He didn't seem to care, as long as there was always one more... All us grown-ups got such a giggle watching him, meticulously opening each egg, picking out every last piece of candy and putting them one by one into his basket, closing the egg and then looking up at his mommy and saying, "more?" (except it actually comes out like "mowah?" , a totally two-syllable Texas drawl word!) Grandkids are so great!

Well, thanks for looking in, see you next time!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

OK, I'll give this a try....

But I honestly can't imagine why anyone would want to know what I think. Maybe I'll just post some observations, I do seem to come into contact with some interesting people and situations... more on that later (now, I've piqued your interest!)

Did you ever wonder (no, I'm not going to do Andy Rooney - hehe!).... so, did you ever wonder why you believe what you believe? For example, I know this woman who believes that when we've used up all the oil & gas reserves, the earth is going to collapse in on itself, and that teriffic, final collapse will be the huge earthquakes mentioned in Revelation... She believes this with such fervor, with no scientific proof, and I wonder why? Who told her there were pools of oil and caverns filled with natural gas holding up the earth's crust, and why did she believe that unlikely (and most definitely untrue!) story? Did she jump to that faulty conclusion based upon limited facts and little or no logic? I've tried to describe to her in layman's term the mechanisms by which oil & gas are recovered, and how they are trapped inside the rocks, not in pools or caverns....but no amount of explanation convinces her, regardless of the logic... I wonder, did someone purposefully mislead her, or did she come to these conclusions on her own, and more importantly, what else could she be misled into believing?

Now I'm not a scientist, by any stretch of the imagination, but I am fairly intelligent (OK, OK, I scored way high on the Mensa exams....) So, when I come across something that is a 'given' or 'that's the way it is' or a 'they say...' I tend to try to figure out why people think the things they do, if I'm at all curious about the subject. (Some subjects don't interest me in the least, so I just ignore them....hehe!) So, maybe this blog can be about some of the random things I've learned in my mental wanderings, trying to figure out "Where do they come up with this stuff???"

My personal beliefs have been overturned, turned inside out, tossed aside, picked up, dusted off, re-examined, refurbished, reformed and reclaimed many times throughout my life. There is always more information to be considered and there are increasingly more experiences to rely upon. Flexibility in life is essential....

OK, OK, enough already! I hope I haven't bored you so much you never return to my ramblings.... Now, home to play with my dog! Toodles! (no that's not the dog' name...hehe!)