Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Been a bit out of touch lately, lots of goings on to get ready for my new venture (or is that ADventure?) My health is much improved, thanks to a two-week stay at Central Bible College in Springfield MO. No, it's not a health spa, I was there for a missions training school. I know that doesn't sound very restful, but in reality, I got a surprising amount of rest! Breakfast was at 8, sessions started at 9, and it was only a five-minute walk to get anywhere I needed to go! Sleeping late and going to bed early for two weeks did wonders for me! I also received some much needed spiritural refreshing, along with the necessary training. Just being with people from all over the US who have a passion for missions is energizing and uplifting!

NOW for the BIG CHANGE alluded to in the title of today's post... I am no longer assigned to Mozambique, but to a school in the Republic of the Congo! Thanks to an unofficial conversation with the Area Director's wife, I discovered the school in the Congo is doing EXACTLY what I want to do in Mozambique! So now, the TENTATIVE plan is for me to go to Congo for a couple of years, get acclimated to full-time missions work, and then we'll see what happens!

God's plans are so awesome!